Training offerings

Our extensive knowledge on different domains allows us to offer trainings on diverse subjects: from internet practices, SEO and website design to team coachings about communication and social skills.

Internet practices

Internet practices training teaches your employees how to set up their own sites, how to advertise online (SEO, banners, social networking), what the common practices are and the need-to-know sites on the web.

After years in corporate life and more specifically the e-commerce sector, we can offer training trajectories with room for the individual needs of the participants.

Social skills training

In social skills training we work on your employees' personal skills and any social fears or problems they may have. We look at personal management: are the participants able to deal with themselves and others in a constructive and positive way?

We teach the participants ways to look at social situations from another vantage point, and sharpen their personal skills through practical exercises and assignments that they can take into their daily life.

Leadership training

Learn to lead. At YourCoach, we see leading as a coaching process. First you work on yourself. Then you listen to others and through your understanding and vision, inspire them to follow you. Step one with every training on leadership is to work out your vision and mission on different levels and timescales.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Starting to lead is, firstly, communicating better with your team so you understand their needs. Only when your team trusts in your recognition and respect for them, will they really listen to you. Then you able to clarify your vision in a way that your team will work towards with passion and enthusiasm.

Communication training

The meaning of your communication is the effect it has, not your intention.

This is what communication trainings at YourCoach are based upon. Communication skills are more than learning to express yourself better; it is first and foremostly about learning to listen. Only when you understand the other, can you explain in the other person's terms what you really mean.

That doesn't mean you are succumbing to the other, it means that aside from understanding your own point of view, you understand someone else's. That you learn to see the differences and learn to deal with them in a way that you eventually reach a solution that is better for the both of you.

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