Team coaching

How do you forge a group of individuals into a team? Outdoor trainings or any other form of hanging around with each other for a day can bring a good atmosphere, but won't serve to create a productive team spirit.

It takes more to do effective team building. Think of jointly formulating goals, making and realising plans and setting performance standards. In good work relationships, people listen to each other, respect each other and value each other's talents and input.

You need a collective goal and a division of roles. The team will work together and take responsibility for the end results. This way, people can present themselves from a different side to their team members, show their hidden talents, and create relationships that affect workfloor performance.

Evaluation is essential: it means that team members are able to give positive as well as negative feedback to each other, in an atmosphere of trust and respect. This is how you create the possibility for evolution, by rewarding personal growth with recognition from the group.

Our approach

Our approach is based on an array of internationally recognised methods such as GROW, MBTI, Ofman, Belbin and so on. We define and work with the communication profiles, social style, convictions and values etc. of the team members. We chart the dynamics within the group and create an understanding between its members.

We're always flexible, meaning we go with what's best in each situation. We play with the group dynamic to solve conflicts and tensions. Where needed, we apply individual coaching.

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