Personal Branding

In life, both personally as well as professionally, your brand is more effective, powerful and durable than marketing and sales. It's all about the influence you have, by creating an identity that brings with it certain perceptions and feelings.

Branding isn't just the playing field of companies anymore. Now there is also Personal Branding, which entails effectively managing impressions and controlling and influencing how others perceive you.

A strong Personal Brand is an important sign of today's world where online, virtual and individual are the trend. It's increasingly essential for true personal success. That's why it's important to become your own Brand, to be the CEO of your life!

For whom?

For professionals that want to position themselves better in their market; that want to make the difference by incorporating their unique qualities and values into their brand, and in doing so becoming one with their brand.

The way we work

YourCoach works with you towards a Personal Brand in two steps:

  • Coaching towards the discovery of your unique combination of capacities, values and convictions; your identity and mission in life.
  • Consultancy about the textual and graphical aspects of your brand.

How does a Personal Branding program go?


In the first conversation (usually by phone or email) we decide what your personal and professional goals and values are. We make arrangements for planning, approach, expectations and methods.


Then come the coaching sessions. We investigate your competencies, values and convictions, and also who you are and what your mission in life is. Starting from this base, you can decide what your unique contribution is to the business you're active in, and how you want to present yourself in it.

Dependent on the program we meet three to five times, for one to two hours. At the beginning of every session we evaluate your progress and future sessions.


From what's been discussed during the coachings we get a better image of the person behind your brand, the values you uphold and the meaning of your presence in the business, and the world. We combine all these elements to work with you towards making this concrete in the form of your Personal Brand!

That means textually and visually, so we advise on the texts that go with your brand, and the logo or design. We can top this off by building your website from scratch. We build it completely, and we can even make it optimised for search engines like Google, Yahoo!...


The coaching and consultancy end when you have reached your goal of creating a Personal Brand, supported by textual and visual elements incorporated into your own website.

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