Life coaching

YourCoach offers personal and business coaching. Our coaches are certified in personal and executive coaching, NLP and other internationally recognised coaching techniques. More about the coaches at YourCoach.

Personal Coaching

Create space and inner peace in your life; leave the past behind and step into the Now; define and achieve your goals; start a sustainable growth, and initiate personal change. YourCoach Personal Coaching offers personal guidance in a confidential context.

Your personal coach is there for personal development, reaching your goals, better communications in your relationships and at work, changing negative habits, and so on.

Business Coaching

For entrepreneurs, professionals or employees that want to develop their personal leadership with coaching. If you want to grow. If you want to take on new challenges at work. With professional guidance from YourCoach you will work on overcoming your limiting beliefs and obstacles, and discover qualities in yourself you didn't even know you had.

YourCoach Business Coaching pushes your professional development, supporting you in reaching your goals and communicating better at work; strengthening your leadership, management, stress reduction, motivation, and so on.

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