Behavioural assessment

Everyone has unique behavioural traits; none of these are by definition right or wrong. Behaviour can be appropriate and effective in certain situations, or not. With behavioural assessment, YourCoach finds out what behavioural preferences people have in a work environment. The analysis maps the strengths and weaknesses with existing employees and teams; it makes personality model profiles of your best people; and allows you to compose the perfect team.

Behavioural assessment can also be used for hiring new people. When you understand people's motivations, it also becomes easier to deal with them; management becomes more effective and your productivity rises.

YourCoach makes use of Thomas International's Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), based on W.M. Marston's DISC profiles. YourCoach has access to an online system that allows us to evaluate a person's work behaviour in 8 minutes by using our fast, reliable and objective test tool. The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) uses 24 foursomes of descriptive terms. The candidate chooses the least and most appropriate term from every foursome. Every one of them is linked to one of the four DISC dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformity.

Behavioural assessment can be used for either individual analyses or group trainings.

Through Thomas International, YourCoach is able to offer you an extensive array of reports to aid you in understanding and evaluating the behavioural style of your team members and candidates.

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